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With the evolution of society, women tend to become pregnant later and, most importantly, do not want to lose their time.
Recent studies reveal a link between the vaginal microbiome and fertility, suggesting that having the right microbiome improves the outcome of Assisted Reproductive Treatments such as in-vitro Fertilisation.
Our goal is to bring probiotics to everyone and help you to re-balance your microbiome to the equilibrium that is unique to you 

Recurrent Vaginal Infections

The healthy vaginal microbiome is different in each woman. Recurrent infections are linked to a microbiome that is out of balanced
We believe in re-balancing your vaginal microbiome, to prevent vaginal infections from recurring.
YONI Solutions includes vaginal microbiome tests to measure where your microbiome is, and the probiotic to bring it where it should be! ​  

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Between 7 to 10 days.

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   How do our Solutions work?

  •  It is simple. 
  •  For each vaginal microbiome analysis, you will have one probiotic recommendation that comes along.  
  •  If you choose the subscription, you will have a probiotic between each analysis for a   certain period. 
  • We base the choice of your probiotic on the result of your Vaginal Microbiome   Analysis.


Your Options to Balance your Intimate Microbiome

3 months Subscription

This option will help you to get Vaginal Microbiome Analysis and Probiotic recommendations for 3 months. Optimizing your chance to balance your microbiota.

Save Money -  This subscription gives you an average discount of 20% per kit*.

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6 months Subscription

6 Months covered by Analysis and Probiotics.
The benefit of having 6 months of Vaginal Microbiome Analysis and Probiotic indication included.

Save Money - This subscription gives you an average discount of 33% per kit*.

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12 months Subscription

12 months of Vaginal Microbiome Analysis covered by Probiotic recommendation.  
Full support to balance your vaginal microbiome for 1 year. 

Save Money -  This subscription gives you an average discount of 36% per kit*. 

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* Those discounts are calculated based on the price of purchasing the single kit compared to each subscription.

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"I recommend Yoni Solutions as your vaginal microbiome guide. I could have my analyses and the probiotic recommendation for my case. Thank you YONI"

                                                    - E. Pessoa​​

Easy and Practical!

"My first microbiome experience was amazing! I got my results very fast and the recommendation came in the same report! Easy and practical"

                                           - G. Camargo

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