Women are unique, and so is their microbiome! 

Through our subscriptions, they can track the progress in their microbiome and have solutions adapted to their evolving needs.

How it works 

Step 1 
{ Purchase }

Purchase the Kit in the Pharmacy or with the Doctor.

Step 2 
{ Collect }

Collect their sample and send it back by Post.

Step 3 
{ Analyse }

Samples are received by our labs, where ther vaginal microbiome profile will be measured.

Step 4 
{ Receive your results }

They will Receive their results in a Report.

Step 5 
{ Have your Probiotic }

Women's Personalized Probiotic is sent to you and the report to your customer/patient.

Step 6 
{ Give your Feedback }

Let us know the feedback of your customer and how we can improve the service.

A balanced Microbiome could help women with:


Recurrent Vaginitis

Candidiasis and Bacterial Vaginosis are the most common.

Avoid Overuse of Antibiotic

The overuse causes resistance to those medications that will not play the expected effect, and also the collateral effects that comes with those medications.

Improve professional life

Quality of life and health is directly linked to productivity and happiness in the work environment. 

Fertility Treatments

The Vaginal Microbiome can influence in the outcomes of In Vitro Fertilisation.

Improve Personal Life

A great part of sexual problems could come from the symptoms of a dysbalanced vaginal microbiome.

Plan a healthy pregnancy

The importance of a healthy vaginal microbiome during pregnancy could be also linked to avoiding pre-term birth and perinatal infections.

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