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The female reproductive tract houses an extensive amount of different microbes, including bacteria and fungi. It regulates all aspects of a woman's health. A healthy microbiome can keep infections away, promote a good sex life and contribute to fertility. Each woman is different, and therefore, what is a healthy microbiome is not the same for everyone. This is why measuring the microbiome is key when trying to re-balance it.

The Vaginal Flora is a complex universe, and there are so many pathogens that can negatively influence our Microbiome, a deeper knowledge of such environment would allow us to understand better this interplay.

Bacterias are believed to regulate various metabolic and epigenetic processes in our body; they are capable of producing essential vitamins and actively interacting, directing and shaping the immune system of their host. They also play a role in protecting against the external environment or invasion from different pathogens.

Assisted Reproduction

YONI Solutions is committed to improving the success rate of Assisted Reproduction Treatments (ART). Despite several studies linking vaginal microbiomes and ART, the success rates are still low. We believe that addressing recurrent vaginal infections is only a first step toward improving the lives of women with fertility issues. This is why we are committed to constantly researching the relationship between the vaginal microbiome and fertility, and to developing new solutions that, through the microbiome, can help women have children when they want to.

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Our Scientific work is always ongoing in parallel with the progress of YONI. In other words, our Company YONI Solutions believes in scientific-based content and endorses the responsibility and value that it brings to our product in the market.

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